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For over 40 years, our innovative approach and products have been solving adhesive problems for companies, big and small.

Using bespoke formulations or off-the-shelf products we take sticky problems from all kinds of industries, and we solve them. This specialist problem solving is made possible by our unparalleled knowledge and experience of product and sector.

get to the heart of the problem

From technical consultancy and bespoke formulations to production audit, training, contract packaging and private labelling, our range of services is designed to get to the heart of the problem and provide a solution that lasts.

UREKA. Solving sticky problems.

The extensive knowledge we gain from our consultancy and ongoing technical product development is poured into our highly effective house of adhesive brands. So, we are able to offer businesses simple solutions to even complex problems; increasing performance and effectiveness, without compromising quality.

Richard Nunn
Sales Director
Richard joined the family business over 30 years ago and has been spearheading sales ever since. From the company’s humble beginnings as a supplier of abrasives, wood finishes, packaging and adhesives, Richard has been instrumental in developing the highly valued technical and application support that our Ureka customers have come to rely on. Years of experience has given Richard unrivalled knowledge in providing technical support for veneer bonding applications.
Donovan Biggs
Business Development Manager
Firmly finding his feet in the Ureka Team, Donovan is establishing himself as the ”Go To” member of the team when it comes to testing and researching new applications. Donny likes nothing more than to roll up his sleeves and get stuck into bonding up substrates for our customers in view of providing a recommendation for their application. But Donovan is not only doing this work behind the scenes, he also loves meeting customers face to face and going through each of their unique bonding requirements.
Tim Guy-Lyon
Business Development
For most of his working life Tim has been involved in Marketing through one form or another and so brings a wealth of experience to the team at Ureka. Passionate about making sure that we are adding value to our customers, Tim is perfectly placed to be in the driving seat of introducing Ureka to prospects that haven’t experienced what we can offer them yet. Reaching out to new prospects is Tim’s role so there is a good chance that Tim will be the first person of Ureka you hear from.
Bonita Nunn
Business Development
A familiar voice when you call in to Ureka, Bonita is often the first person you will speak to. Customer care is her game and she likes nothing more than being able to solve your problem, provide prices and make sure that our customers remember the way we served them as if they were our only customer. Responsible for our many small, but very important customers, Bonita is driven to see that this section of our customer base is not forgotten about, but rather nurtured so that they contribute to the growth of Ureka.
Marta Sadowska
Customer Service Administrator
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Kenton Nunn
Business Development Manager
Another new member to Team Ureka, Kenton cut his teeth in the marketing and design department and did a fantastic job in establishing the Ureka brand. With a keen interest in art and graphics, Kenton is able to make designs which bring to life the purpose of our service and products. With that background of making sure the right message is communicated to the customer, Kenton has now transferred to the Sales team and is caring for all new and existing business in the North of UK.
Alex Nunn
Managing Director
For over 20 years, Alex has worked across all areas of the business, so is comfortable in giving direction and supporting in Sales, Marketing, Operations and Finance departments. Alex loves the challenge of making improvements throughout the business, firmly believing that the only consistent thing of business is change! Alex spends his time meeting customers and suppliers, developing new products, searching out new markets, directing the marketing and branding of the company, and working with the teams at Ureka to drive the businesses profitability. Totally customer orientated, Alex is passionate about making sure our customers receive the service they have learnt to expect, and in the rare event we do let our customers down, will do all he can to right the wrongs we have made.
Dan Nunn
Procurement Director
Heading up the Procurement department, Dan is passionate about getting your orders to you on time and in full. Working with a team of dedicated team members, Dan operates the engine of the company ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with the service you expect from us. The majority of our customers have production lines, or are running to tight completion dates on construction projects, so Dan and his team are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that you’re getting the right product, first time, as they know that if we let you down, you will be letting your customers down..
Cara Nunn
Finance Manager
Recently joining the finance team, Cara is now putting her CIMA qualification to good use. Having been involved in many sections of Ureka, she is in a great position to understand how important the financial aspect is, and how it affects every part of Ureka. Her attention to detail means that mistakes are nipped in the bud before they are made. And her ability to create systems and reports means the rest of the team can easily track where they are and where they need to get to.
Callum Thompson
Operations Manager
Callums experience as a Shift Manager at a national grocery stores main distribution centre means that he can bring big business thinking and processes to a smaller business. Keen to preserve the small company, customer-centric focus, Callum is bringing a new dimension to the Operations team. His Customer First mantra means that his target is to ensure our customers get their products on time, in full, every time.
Neil Haughton
Production Manager
His practical approach to solving problems means that Neil has carved himself an essential role in Team Ureka. Hands on, willing, and always keeping an eye out to support his team, Neil is a central cog to the Operations Team, the glue, so to speak, which holds the Operations department together. Neil spearheads new projects and developments on site so is always on the look out to find ways of running the Operations team more efficiently, ensuring that the customer gets first class and reliable service.
Keith Solkhon
Operations Coordinator
Our most loyal team member, Keith has been with Ureka for over 25 years and still going strong! A stickler for tidiness, woe betide anyone who leaves a mess in the warehouse. Keith believes 100% in making sure goods are packed well and despatched securely. This excellent attribute ensures that your goods arrived safely, cleanly and undamaged.
Joseph Cashman
Business Development
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Anthony Fuller
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James Shepperdley
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Belly Umbe lukulunga
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