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Hot Melt

Fast bonding

Hot melt adhesives, also known as thermoplastic adhesives, are solid materials that melt and become liquid when heated. They are applied in a molten state and solidify upon cooling, forming a strong…



BAM Pressen 1725A PS Hot Melt Adhesive

Pressen 1725A is a high performance hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive formulated for multi-purpose self-adhesive tapes. It is also suitable for use in the manufacture of bags with self-adhesive closure strips.



Stickfast FSS43 Fast Set Packaging Hotmelt Adhesive Slugs

Fast setting stick for bonding card and paper. Ideal for carton sealing and packaging. Superior fast setting hotmelt for rapid closing and sealing of cartons. Ideal for all packaging applications.



Kleiberit 743.7 EVA Hot Melt Adhesive

Hot melt adhesive for profile wrapping.



Kleiberit 707.9 PUR Hot Melt Adhesive

Kleiberit 707.9 is a reactive hotmelt adhesive for high strength bonds on edging.  These cartridges are for use with  Holz-Her edge banding machines.



Henkel RS270/7 PUR Edgebanding Adhesive Block

Henkel Technomelt PUR 270/7 G is a universal polyurethane-based hotmelt adhesive. It is ideally suited for waterproof bonding of all standard edging materials. The granular hotmelt adhesive can be used on all standard machines without retooling.



Henkel KS351 Technomelt Edgebanding Hot Melt Adhesive

Henkel Technomelt Dorus KS 351 is an unfilled, universal EVA hotmelt adhesive and produces tight, thin joints. It permits smooth surfaces even with very flexible edging materials. Due to the transparent joint, changing to another colour becomes…



Henkel Dorus KS217 Hot Melt Adhesive

Edge banding hotmelt based on EVA in granular shape for automatic edge banding machines.



BAM 1409 PS Product Assembly Ecoblock

Pressen 1409 has been formulated for the self-adhesive requirements of the graphic arts and panel market. In these applications, the pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to a filmic material for direct or indirect lamination.



BAM 418 Hot Melt Adhesive

BAM 418 is ideal for a wide variety of applications where a high speed, very fast setting hot melt adhesive is required. BAM 418 has a versatile temperature performance.



BAM 997 HP Filled Edgebanding Adhesive

BAM 997 can be used for edgebanding, softforming and precoating. BAM 997 is suitable for use on most types of edgebander e.g. Homag IMA.




BAM Pressen 961 PS Hot Melt Adhesive

Pressen 961 is a peelable pressure sensitive hot melt. The adhesive has been formulated to be non migrating, and remain upon the surface it was applied to. Pressen 961 is clear in colour, allowing use on clear films.



Aro-Bond 3035 Hot Melt Adhesive

Aro-Bond 3035 has been formulated as a versatile, high performance adhesive for product assembly and has a high cohesive strength with good adhesion to a wide variety of plastics and other surfaces.



BAM Pressen 1525 Product Assembly EcoBlock Hot Melt

Pressen 1525 is a full pressure sensitive adhesive, which exhibits excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. Pressen 1525 combines high levels of tack, shear and peel.



BAM Futura 1 Case Sealing and Packaging Adhesive

BAM Futura 1 has been proven to be an excellent universal carton and case sealer. It performs well on the slowest case packers and the fastest carton sealers (160 cartons per minute-typical), in both cold winter and hot summer conditions. In…



BAM Futura 307 HP Unfilled Edgebanding

BAM Futura 307 represents a new concept in edgebanding hot melts. It is based on the principal that for quality woodworking operations, adhesives should be clean and easy to handle, in addition to being odourless and non fuming.  Futura 307 is…



Hot melt adhesives, also known as thermoplastic adhesives, are solid materials that melt and become liquid when heated. They are applied in a molten state and solidify upon cooling, forming a strong bond. Hot melt adhesives offer fast processing, high bond strength, and good heat resistance. They are extensively used in packaging, product assembly, woodworking, and other industries requiring efficient and rapid bonding.