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Pfohl glue applicators

Pfohl glue applicators

Pfohl Adhesive Spreaders are the benchmark in the industry for applying adhesive to panels. They are suitable for both water based adhesives and formaldehyde resins. Available in 3 different widths, 75mm, 150mm and 200mm the range offers all that the modern veneerer laminator needs. A full range of spare parts are available.

Pfohl glue applicators have long been well-known, proven hand tools which allow for the quick and completely even application of all glues and adhesives. They can be beneficially used anywhere where large surfaces need to be coated with glue or adhesive. 

The blocking clip is turned in the direction of the handle in order to fill the glue container with glue or adhesive (1). The blocking clip is then tilted forwards and the applicator is rolled strip by strip over the surface, whereby the glue is applied to the surface (2). Pivoting the blocking clip back stops the flow of glue and the glue is completely evenly distributed by rolling over it again (3). Putting the Pfohl glue applicator aside is made much easier thanks to the compact stand which is supplied (4). Attention! If you remove the dosing roller when cleaning the glue applicator please pay attention to the arris: clean this spot only with an auxiliary - for example with brush!

Pfohl glue applicators

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We have a variety of rollers for different applications, as well as other vital accessories you may may be missing...

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