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What is a contact adhesive?

A simple guide as to what a contact adhesive is, what it can bond, and how to use it.


(also known as contact cement, evostik, etc)

Contact Adhesives are” two way stick” adhesives which is ideal for bonding decorative laminates to wood composites due to its excellent heat-resistant adhesion properties. A “two way stick” adhesive means that the adhesive is applied to both substrates and left to dry. Once it has “tacked off”, or become touch dry, the substrates can be brought together, and using a pressure roller to ensure good contact between the substrates, an excellent bond can be achieved.



Contact adhesives will bond many substrates including;

  • High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
  • Backed veneer
  • Timber
  • MDF
  • Plywood
  • Plastic
  • Fibreglass
  • Hard furnishings
  • Cotton backed vinyl
  • Metal

As they can bond so many materials, Contact Adhesives are well proven and established in a wide cross-section of industries such as a shop fitting, kitchen fitting and general repairs. Contact Adhesives have a high initial bond-strength which allows the immediate handling of joined substrates whilst its long open tack-time of up to 20 minutes gives the flexibility you need to allow for unforeseeable delays.


There are many manufacturers of contact adhesives as the technology has been around for many years. Common brands and grades include Evo-Stik 528 by Bostik, Stick2 Instant Contact by Sika Everbuild, Timebond by Bostik and Gorilla Glue have one in their range as well. Many other manufacturers, including Apollo, 3M, Chemique etc, also have them in their range. There are also many types of grades which are tweaked to what the application is.

Woodstikk HP Contact Adhesive is a good all rounder and will suit most wood and metal applications. But if you are wanting to bond some more difficult to bond rubbers and plastics. please speak to us as you will need to use more specialist grades.

Aro-Bond 693 is another high performance contact adhesive which peforms well in most applications.


Contact Adhesives are very easy to use when following these instructions. You can also view the video below which explains how to use them.

Ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are smooth, clean and free from dust or other deposits.
Surfaces to be bonded should be preconditioned with the adhesive to a temperature within the range 15 – 20°C.
Woodstikk® HP Contact Adhesive should be stirred before use and then should be applied using a thin even coat of adhesive to the surfaces of both substrates using a short stiff brush.
Align the panel edges and bond under maximum pressure as soon as the surfaces become ‘touch dry’ (adhesive is glossy and no longer transfers to the knuckles).
The top substrate (laminate) should be nip-rolled or platen-pressed for best results. If this is not possible, use a hard roller and go over the entire working surface with as much bodyweight as possible. Seams and edges should always receive extra pressure. If possible, sandwich the panel edge between wooden battens and use G-clamps.
For further information please contact our technical support team.

Watch how to apply Woodstikk® HP Contact Adhesive.