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Best Practice: How to clean your edgebanding machine?

Edgebanding systems play an important role in the production of many panel components, e.g. doors, worktops, etc. Cleaning the machines is especially important, particularly if the old and new hotmelt adhesive chemically crosslink.

Before the cleaning of the application system is started, it must be tested whether the adhesives are compatible with each other as well as with the flushing agents and cleaners. If the processed adhesive was a PUR hotmelt, it is particularly important to clean the system thoroughly before downtime.

The flushing agent pushes the adhesive from the hoses and the application unit, effectively purging product remnants from the system. If the agent’s viscosity is too low then this could cause the adhesive to be pushed into the centre of the hose, making it difficult to remove. Therefore, it is important that the flushing agent has the correct viscosity.

Due to the Jowat’s cleaning agents improved viscosity, it is particularly suitable for cleaning unfilled PUR hotmelt adhesives. This cleaning/flushing agent is used for flushing out applicator units for PUR hotmelt.

The formulation contains an inhibitor which prevents additional crosslinking and the residual adhesive from curing; it can stay in the machine but must be thoroughly flushed before use.

For a step-by-step procedure of how remove the adhesive with the Jowat cleaning agents, please see the video below.