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How do I stop wood veneers from bubbling?

Hints, tips and recommendations for eradicating the bubbling of veneers.

A Midlands based Door Manufacturer got in touch with Ureka through the recommendation of a veneering company in the South of the UK using the Prefere 4114 Urea Formaldehyde Resin system for veneering and laminating applications. After struggling with an adhesive for veneering that ‘wasn’t the best but it does the job’ and that gave inconsistent results, the door manufacturer decided it was time for change.

As suppliers of some of the highest-quality timber doors on the market, it was imperative that quality was a guaranteed assurance, not something that had to be checked, and checked again. After trialling the Prefere 4114 with the fast set hardener, a premium quality bond was achieved by pressing at 90c for only 40 seconds – saving the client an additional 140 seconds per door and increasing productivity by over 400%.

Before getting in touch with Ureka, the client reported 1 in 8 doors in which the veneers were bubbling. After trialling the Prefere 4114 for 5 days of full production, this problem was completed eradicated.

Another example of how the prefere Resin Systems can improve productivity and increase quality and customer profit margins.