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Do adhesives get damaged in cold weather?

Adhesives are susceptible to being damaged in cold weather. Here are some hints and tips to ensure that your adhesives are not damaged.

Is storage temperature important for my adhesives?

Yes! During the cooler months it is of utmost importance to really look after your adhesives to ensure you are experiencing optimium performance from them.

To ensure you are getting best performance from your adhesives it is best practice to store your adhesives between 10 °C and 25 ºC. If your adhesive drops below this temperature, it is important to bring adhesive up to a minimum of 10 ºbefore attempting to use. It is also advisable to give the canister or tub of adhesive a shake or stir before use.

We would advise you check the Technical Data Sheet for further details.

Which products would this effect most?

Contact adhesive – click here to see range
PVA – click here to see range
EVA – click here to see range


Here at Ureka we really care about our products and desire that all our customers receive their orders in the best condition. We also keep a keen eye on the weather forecast – especially at weekends! If we see that the temperatures are predicted to be 5 degrees C or below over a weekend we will most likely take the decision to delay sending out certain adhesives on a Friday as we do not wish for adhesives to drop below 5 degrees in a courier company warehouse during the weekend before reaching our customers.