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What are Cascamite and One Shot wood adhesives?

A simple guide as to what Cascamite and One Shot wood adhesives are, what they can bond, and what the differences are.

Many tradesmen who work with wood are familiar with the adhesive “Cascamite” (sometimes spelt “Cascomite”). But what actually is it, and is it the same as One Shot?

“Cascamite” is a brand name used for a powder urea formaldehyde resin adhesive, and it became synonomous with any adhesive which met this specification, i.e. a one component powder urea formaldehyde resin. In recent times, they have become more commonly known as a “One Shot” adhesive. These adhesives are commonly used in wood working application for veneering, laminating and joint bonding.

By adding water to the stated mix ratio, an excellent adhesive is created which bonds wood exceptionally well. In comparison to PVA adhesives, these One Shot adhesives are tough, have excellent water resistance, and do not creep.

One Shot adhesives are ideal for the smaller user as if they are kept dry and in a cool environment, the shelf life is excellent. PVA’s and liquid UF resins have shorter shelf lives so will lose their ability to give a good bond the older they become.

One Shot adhesives are ideal for use with a vacuum bag press where curved panels are being constructed. The glue line is tough enough to keep the curve shape in place.

Ureka Global have a One Shot adhesive which is Woodstikk UF One Shot. Woodstikk UF One Shot conforms to EN 12765 Class C3, is fast curing and has a long working life.

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