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What is the fastest artificial grass adhesive system?

Ureka Moment #17 | Ureka Turfstikk adhesive dispensing gun is an efficient, fast and clean system for bonding artificial grass in damp conditions.

Developed specifically for the artificial grass industry, using Turfstikk MS210 MS Polymer adhesive through the Turfstikk adhesive dispensing gun is a revolution in adhesive application. This unique battery-powered gun can be used to fix artificial grass to seam tape and cuts jobbing time by as much as 30%.

Ideal for the installation of artificial grass to seam tape, and direct to many ground substrates, the innovative dispenser head allows clean and precise adhesive application across the width of the panel. No adhesive spills and nothing is left uncovered and, compared to existing adhesive systems, there is no messy clean-up. The transfer of adhesive to other surfaces is also easily avoided.

Using sachets of single-part adhesive means no mixing and less wastage and the sachets are quick and easy to load leaving workspaces and operators clean. Optimised so that one 3ltr sachet covers a approximately 30 linear metres of seam tape, as they are used the sachets are compressed forming small discs which are easily disposed of.

The Turfstikk MS210 system can be used in recreational, commercial and domestic applications and will bond in damp conditions.

Increasing productivity and minimising waste, the Turfstikk adhesive system revolutionises the artificial grass industry. If you would like a demonstration or prices please contact us on 0117 971 1364 or email us on