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What is Accoya® wood, and how do you bond it?

A simple guide as to what a Accoya is, what it is used for, and how to bond it.

As technology ever increases, so does the need to bond substrates which have never existed before. This requires innovation from adhesive manufacturers both in terms of chemical development and application improvements.

Accoya® is wood, but not as you know it. It is modified timber in which a process called acetylation, a cutting-edge patented technology, enables it to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades. This process results in a stronger, more durable wood while reducing the maintenance frequencies for coatings. The change in cell structure also means that the wood is virtually rot and insect proof. Mould and fungi do not recognise Accoya® as wood and therefore don’t attack, while the modified structure is indigestible to insects.

The effect of this process on adhesives, is that traditional wood bonding adhesives struggle to give a satisfactory bond.

Accoya® can be used for many outdoor applications including;

  • Doors & windows
  • Wood decking
  • Wood cladding
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Gates
  • Garden rooms and offices
  • Conservatories & summerhouses


Ureka have been working with Accoya® for a number of years now and have developed two products which will bond Accoya® to the levels of performance product.


Prefere 4050 liquid resins mixed with hardener Prefere 5750, is a fully weatherproof adhesive system especially suited to the manufacture of large laminated timber structures. Prefere 4050 adhesives are also suitable for use in the production of heat resistant composite structures, eg fire-resisting doors and will give an excellent bond strength when bonding Accoya®.