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How to bond acoustic panels to ceilings in an on site application

Ureka Moment #8 | Acoustic panels are increasingly being specified in new constructions, but what is the best adhesive to bond acoustic panels to ceilings? Hints and tips on which adhesive to use for bonding acoustic panels to ceilings.

A customer approached us to find a solution to bond their acoustic panels on to ceiling beams. The customer manufactures and installs acoustic panels into a wide range of environments where noise reduction is required, e.g. offices, schools, reception areas, restaurants, etc.

The problem they had to resolve was how to bond the panels to the ceilings on site without using mechanical fixings, and not having time to hold the panels in place. They had been using a high grab MS polymer adhesive from another manufacturer, but as with the majority of high grab adhesives they are extremely viscous and are difficult to extrude. Also, our client wanted a wider bonded area than one bead which you get from a cartridge adhesive so that the glue line was thinner, but a larger area bonded.

With these parameters to work with, Ureka suggested using Aro-Seal 1101 which is an MS polymer adhesive with a high grab but low viscosity. We then suggested using a Snozzle to dispense the adhesive. The Snozzle is a unique cartridge nozzle which splits the adhesive bead into a number of smaller beads, ideal for applications where larger areas need to be bonded. The customer performed some trials on site and the system worked perfectly resulting in a happy customer whose stick problem was solved.

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