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What is the best adhesive for bonding dyed wood veneers?

A simple guide as to which adhesive is best for veneering dyed veneers, and hints and tips on how to ensure you achieve an excellent bond.

Veneering recommendations for long lasting effects
Mundy Veneers are a highly reputable supplier of veneers to the woodworking industry.

As well as traditional veneer merchants Mundy Veneers are also the exclusive distributors for Tabu products in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Tabu is a world class Italian veneer mill which specialises in dyeing natural wood veneers in a vast range of colours and manufacturing Newood, a range of engineered veneers.

Ureka were contacted for adhesive advice, as they were needing to steer their customers towards the use of correct adhesive for a long-lasting result in the many different environments that veneers are used.

Mundy Veneers Enquiry:
I am hoping you will be able to provide some clarity on different types of glue, which have been included in various technical recommendations for dyed veneers we import from Tabu in Italy. We have a new product, the Grovy Collection, which is a pressed textured sheet 1.1mm thick?

Our recommendation:
Working with both Simon Mundy & Pippa Jemmett, Ureka provided recommendations for the use of the Prefere range of Urea Formaldehyde adhesives

So, whether you are bonding Dyed veneers (Tabu), delicate veneers (Burr & Curl), Open grain veneers (bleed through concerns) or sweet veneers (potential for staining) Ureak can advise you with the best adhesive solution.