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How to create a perfect join in artificial grass: Our step by step guide.

Have you ever tried to create that perfect join and found that the edges don’t line up or that the joint does not completely meet? If so, you’ll know that it’s difficult because of trying to achieve a perfectly straight line using just a simple delphin knife.

So, what do you do?
Many people have found success by using the Henko 604 Length Knife, designed to give perfectly even joins between artificial grass.

But there are a few things you should know before you use the Length knife for the first time to ensure you get the most out of this time and cost saving tool. This post will tell you exactly what you need to know to make sure you can achieve perfectly straight and even joins in your artificial grass every time.

Cuts perfectly straight joints


Speed. Precision. Safety. A must have piece of kit for any artificial grass installer. The Henko 604 Length Knife can be used to cut incredibly straight lines very quickly on overlapping joints.


Cuts grass quickly and accurately


This Henko 605 Speed Knife is designed for cutting artificial grass quickly, accurately and efficiently.


Pulls grass from, and adds pressure to, joints


The Henko 603 Grass Splitter has two purposes; splitting the grass fibres out of the glue and adding pressure to the joint.



How to create perfect joins in artificial grass: here’s our step by step guide.
If you’re looking for a way to create perfect joins with no gaps and perfectly straight edged, the best method to ensure you end up with something that lets you create a high quality join in no time at all is by using the Henko 604 Length Knife.

Step 1: The Henko 605 Speed Knife

The first step is often the most important, and that’s certainly the case with getting perfect joins in artificial grass. The Henko 605 Speed Knife makes it quicker and easier to create perfectly straight cuts in artificial grass.

The Henko 605 Speed Knife will cut grass from both the top or bottom, although it is recommended to fold the grass over, lining up the nose of the tool and using the seam of the grass as a guide to cut an incredibly straight line.

The forward cutting motion and triangular shape of the tool allows the user to cut through grass at very high speeds whilst maintaining the precision that is needed for a high quality installation.

Check out the video for a demonstration on the Henko 605 Speed Knife below…

Step 2: The Henko 604 Length Knife

Now that you’ve cut your perfectly straight edge using the Henko 605 Speed Knife, the next step is to make sure that the edge on the adjacent roll of grass has an equally perfectly straight cut.

This is achieved using the Henko 604 Length Knife. The Henko 604 Length Knife uses the straight edge of the grass to ensure that both joins ‘fold in’ to a precise point.

First, overlap the second roll of grass on top of the pre-cut adjacent roll.
Secondly, slot the pre-cut edge of the initial roll into the insert on the Length Knife. This is used as a guide for the length knife to be pushed up against, ensuring that perfectly straight cut.
Next, lay the roll of grass that needs to be cut on top of the length knife starting at the tip. The blade of the length knife will cut through the second roll using the straight edge as a guide, ensuring that your join falls perfectly into place.
Check out the video for a demonstration on the Henko 604 Length Knife below…

Step 3: The Henko 603 Grass Splitter

The final step to achieving a perfectly straight joint in artificial grass is to ensure you have a very strong bond between the grass and the seam tape (or other substrate).

The Henko 603 Grass Splitter applies pressure to the joint in artificial grass, ensuring that maximum bond strength can be achieved with your adhesive.

Once you have applied your adhesive and followed step 1 and 2 above, use the Henko 603 Grass Splitter to pull any stray fibres out of the adhesive as well as adding pressure to the join.

First, coat the front nose of the Henko 603 Grass Splitter in the Henko Anti-Stick. This will stop any adhesive from ruining your shiny new tool. Once you’ve done this, tuck the nose of the grass splitter underneath the join.
Secondly, ensure the flat bar at the back of the grass splitter is on top of the grass. This will put pressure on the join while the front end simultaneously pulls any stray fibres out of the join.
Push the Henko 603 Grass Splitter all the way down the join, making sure the pressure is put on to the back of the tool.
Check out the video for a demonstration on the Henko 603 Grass Splitter below…

Now that you know how to create perfect joins in artificial grass, you’re ready to achieve perfect quality installations without worrying about your customers seeing the joins in the grass.

Here’s the three tools we recommended above, available to buy with next day delivery:

Henko 605 Speed Knife
Henko 604 Length Knife
Henko 603 Grass Splitter

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