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What is the best method for applying flooring adhesive?

A simple guide as to the best method for applying flooring adhesive cleanly and efficiently.

When applying flooring adhesive, efficiency, cleanliness, and ease of use are top priorities for flooring installers. That’s why Ureka recommends the multiiiibead G1 gun for installing wooden, laminate, and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) flooring. This innovative tool allows for adhesive application while standing, eliminating the need for kneeling and manual spreading with traditional tools like adhesive spreaders or trowels.

For a better understanding of how to use the Multiiiibead adhesive gun effectively, we encourage you to watch the instructional video below.

The multiiiibead smart adhesive application system has proven to increase efficiency by 5 times and reduce adhesive waste by 50%. Its ergonomic design makes it easy for anyone to use.

If you need a more versatile applicator, we would recommend the multiiiibead G2 or G3 adhesive gun options.

The G2 adhesive gun is ideal for installing hygienic wall cladding and offers similar benefits to the G1 but in a smaller, more compact form. It’s perfect for less demanding applications.

The G3 adhesive gun provides a clean and efficient bonding process, accommodating various cartridge and sachet sizes. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of bonding applications, including artificial grass, wood panel bonding, and fenestration applications.

If you’re a flooring installer interested in trying out the multiiiibead system, our technical team is available to provide on site demonstrations at your request. To book to speak to the technical team fill out an enquiry form by clicking here.