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Is your veneering curing off too quickly?

A few tips on why your veneering adhesive is curing off too quickly and how to prevent this from happening.

When it comes to veneering you typically don’t want the adhesive to be curing too fast. If it cures off too fast it can cause problems with how the adhesive performs when veneering.

What’s the cause of adhesive curing off too quickly?

One of the main causes of adhesive curing off too fast is temperature. Temperature significantly influences the curing process of adhesives. When the temperature is too high, it can cause the adhesive to cure too quickly, leading to various problems with the adhesive.

Problems caused with fast curing

Reduced working time

Higher temperatures reduce the working time, making it challenging to complete the application before the adhesive starts to set. With less time to work, applying the adhesive evenly and positioning the materials correctly becomes difficult, potentially leading to weak bonds or misalignment.

Reduced quality performance

If the adhesive is curing to fast, you might have a “pre-cure” issue.  This happens when the adhesive is applied to the surface and begins skinning over before the next substrate has been applied.  If this happens, the adhesive will not penetrate the second substrate meaning a cure will not take place.

Adhesive recommendations

To prevent the adhesive curing off too quickly Ureka recommends using a slow curing UF adhesive system (Woodstikk Slow/Summer curing UF System) when veneering.

The Woodstikk Slow/Summer UF system is widely used for veneering and laminating.

The system incorporates a liquid resin and a powder hardener which are mixed and then applied to substrates to be bonded. The slow curing summer grade is designed to cure off slower in warm environments. This system is suitable for use in a variety of assembly applications and in conjunction with low voltage or radio frequency heating, for lipping and edge-banding.

  • Water resistant
  • Can be hot or cold cured
  • Cures with radio frequency equipment
  • Ideal for use in vacuum presses

Is your adhesive curing too slowly?

Sometimes, the opposite problem arises during veneering: the adhesive cures too quickly. This issue can be due to temperature being too cold.

Ureka recommends using the Woodstikk Fast/Winter UF veneering adhesive system or the Woodstikk Hot Press UF Veneering system. These systems are ideal for use when temperatures are colder or situations where the adhesive is curing too slowly for your production line.

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