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How to seal and bond septic tanks successfully.

Bonding and sealing septic tanks using Aro-Seal 1155 MS Polymer adhesive.

Sealing of GRP to itself in the manufacture of septic tanks is of upmost importance to one of our customers. They had two applications as detailed below:

Application #1

With the first application the septic tanks are manufactured in 2 halves. When the two halves are brought together, an adhesive and a mechanical fix is required to ensure there is a fully waterproof seal. This obviously is of great importance so to prevent any leakage.

Ureka were able to help by supplying the adhesive part. Ureka recommended the Aro-Seal 1155. This is supplied in 600ml foils or 230kg drums for air assisted dispensing.

Application #2

The second application was for the rotary moulded sceptic tanks, on these tanks a foam fillet is bonded onto the circumference of the tanks before a final resin coat is applied.