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What do you use to seal GRP and fibreglass?

Here’s how to seal GRP and fibreglass

Marsh Industries
Marsh Industries deliver world-class waste and surface water products and solutions to the domestic, commercial and agricultural sectors from our UK manufacturing plants in Kettering and Bridgwater. Therefore the sealing of GRP to itself in the manufacture of Sceptic tanks is incredibly important to Marsh Industries.

Marsh Industries came to Ureka with two applications that they needed recommendations for to ensure the best bond possible.

Application #1
The Sceptic tanks are manufactured in 2 halves. When bought together an adhesive and mechanical fix is required to ensure a fully waterproof seal.

Ureka were able to help with the adhesive part, by recommending Aro-Seal® 1155. Supplied in 600ml foils or 230kg drums for air assisted dispensing.

Application #2
On Rotary moulded sceptic tanks a foam fillet is bonded onto the circumference of the tanks before a final resin coat is applied

Our Tensorgrip L17 spray Contact Adhesive was the perfect solution, providing an instant grab and great strength when the foam is under radial pressure.

If you would like to know more about how Ureka could help you achieve the same results, please get in touch with one of our adhesive specialists today.