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Successful bonding for septic tank and water filtration systems

Find out how we helped Marsh Industries in their ‘bulk’ bonding application

Marsh Industries delivers world-class water/wastewater treatment products and solutions to the domestic, commercial and agricultural sectors from its UK manufacturing plants in Kettering and Bridgwater.

Septic tanks and water filtration systems are products that need sealing and bonding to a high standard. Having supplied Marsh Industries with Polyurethane Sealant in 600ml foils, a proposal was suggested as to moving to a bulk dispensing system. A ‘no-brainer’ as far as time and product cost saving. Working with Rockingham Systems, a drum unloading dispensing system was installed, along with our Aro-Seal 1156 Polyurethane, to the satisfaction of the Operations Team.

Aro-Seal® 1156 is a one component, high modulus polyurethane sealant. Aro-Seal® 1156 can be used for bonding and sealing a wide range of substrates in both structural and non-structural applications.

Aro-Seal® 1156 is suitable for use in sealing and bonding applications the construction industries, flooring applications, and structural bonding in vibrating constructions. Aro-Seal® 1156 complies to ISO 11600 Type F Class 25 Sub-Class HM.