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What is the best artificial grass adhesive for bonding in all weather conditions?

A brief overview of the new Turfstikk PU500, the best adhesive for bonding artificial grass in all weather conditions.

When it comes to bonding artificial grass in various weather conditions, Turfstikk PU500 stands out as the adhesive of choice. Here’s why this polyurethane-based adhesive is the go-to option for ensuring a robust and durable bond, regardless of the weather:

Versatility at its Core

Crafted for a broad spectrum of artificial turf applications, Turfstikk PU500 excels in bonding to various substrates. Whether applied on concrete, asphalt, or decking, this adhesive consistently delivers robust and reliable bonding.

Ease of Application

Recognizing the importance of a smooth installation process, Turfstikk PU500 is engineered for simplicity, ensuring outstanding results with ease. Its user friendly design facilitates a hassle free application experience.


Turfstikk PU500 holds accreditation to EN 12228:2013 and undergoes rigorous testing by Labo Sports, meeting the industry standards mandated by leading sports associations. This accreditation underscores its commitment to upholding the highest benchmarks for safety, durability, and performance in artificial turf applications.

Market-Driven Innovation

The development of Turfstikk PU500 responds to a discernible market gap for a reliable, all-encompassing adhesive. Ureka’s dedication to meeting customer needs led to the creation of a product addressing challenges within the synthetic turf installation sector.

Optimal Performance

Turfstikk PU500 goes beyond mere adherence; it excels. With a robust formulation ensuring longevity and outstanding performance, this adhesive stands resilient against the elements, providing a secure and enduring bond.

The proud moment of unveiling Turfstikk PU500 at SALTEX 2023 showcased our commitment to innovation. The positive reception and enthusiasm from industry professionals emphasized the demand for a product capable of adapting to the diverse demands of artificial turf installations.

In addition to the new Turfstikk PU500, Turfstikk also retains a number of cartridge adhesives this includes the polyurethane based PU400 and the modified silicone based MS100. If you are conducting repairs or smaller domestic jobs the cartridge adhesives of an economic solution.

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