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What are MS Adhesive, what are the advantages, and what can they be used for?

MS Adhesives are a relatively new innovation in the world of adhesives. A brief overview of what MS Adhesives are, what their benefits are, and what they can be used for

The term “MS Adhesive” is used for a family of adhesives which use “MS Polymer” as a base polymer or as an additive. MS stands for “Modified Silicone” – it has distinct differences to the common silicones we all know about, and was developed over 30 years ago by a Japanese company, Kaneka. It is a moisture curing system and does have similar properties to silicones and polyurethanes but with distinct advantages.

Although MS can be used in other industries, it is mainly utilised in the adhesives and sealants world for manufacturing adhesives and sealants for construction, automotive and DIY markets for a diverse range of applications including;

Building, connection and expansion joints – Aro-Seal® 1101, Aro-Seal® 1155
Door, window and glazing applications – Aro-Seal® 1101
Bonding and sealing in construction – Aro-Seal® 1101, Aro-Seal® 1155
Sanitary and kitchen sealing applications – Aro-Seal® 1101, Aro-Seal® 1155
Shipbuilding, car body, caravan and container manufacturing applications – Aro-Seal® 1101, Aro-Seal® 1155
Fire retardant structures and panels – Aro-Seal® 1107
Non-slip stair treads and panels – Aro-Seal® 1101, Aro-Seal® 1155
Bonding hygienic wall panels – Cladstikk® 12
Artificial grass bonding applications – Turfstikk® MS100
Bonding of wood planks and parquet to concrete subfloors – Woodstikk® 10 and Woodstikk® 19
MS is extremely versatile and will bond many substrates including wood, metal, fibreglass, GRP, plastics and many more substrates.

The benefits of MS polymer against silicones and polyurethanes are;

  • No bubble-formation (no CO2 release)
  • UV resistant
  • Can be overpainted
  • Good extrudability, even at low temperatures
  • Solvent free
  • Water free
  • No hazard labelling
  • Excellent adhesion on most common substrates
  • Permanently elastic properties, even at low temperatures
  • MS adhesives can be dispensed through cartridges, sachets, by hand trowel, guns and by automatic dispensing machinery.

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