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What is the best adhesive for making wood guitars?

A simple guide as to which adhesive to use for bonding wood guitars together and hints, tips and best practice to make sure your guitar performs at its best.

Traditionally, the guitar making industry have used products such as Titebond and Gorilla glue for bonding the wooden parts of guitars, but when it comes to curved work, it is hard to beat using a UF (urea formaldehyde) resin such as Prefere 4152 or Aerolite UP4145.

The benefits of UF resins is the way they are strong enough to hold the curved forms in place without movement. Many users of PVA’s have moved across to UF resins for this very reason. The flexibility in application due to the number of different hardeners and setting times are also a great benefit.

This guitar manufacturer uses Prefere 4152 with 5602 hardener to form the curved shapes on this wooden guitar. The forms are then inserted into a vacuum bag press whilst curing takes place.

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