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Adhesive Insights – The Aerospace Industry

Discover how Ureka’s adhesives fit into the aerospace industry

Ureka’s adhesives are used in many critical markets globally.

Ureka have long been supplying specialist adhesives into the aerospace industry. Working with big and small manufactures to develop products that meet on the often demanding criteria of aerospace applications.

We supply adhesives for various aircraft component manufacturing needs, including essential parts like propellers, while tailoring solutions for upgrades and modifications in commercial and private aircraft retrofit to meet contemporary aviation standards. Additionally, we specialise in the restoration of historical aircraft, preserving aviation heritage with modern technology.

The aerospace sector demands rigorous standards for safety and performance. Ureka’s products undergo extensive testing to meet strict regulations and ensure reliability under extreme conditions. Each market segment presents unique challenges, which we address through precise, customized adhesive solutions.


Case Study: de Havilland Moth Restoration

An exemplary project illustrating our capabilities involved the full restoration of a de Havilland Moth, an iconic aircraft known for its historical significance. The Moth Club, overseeing the restoration, required a wood bonding adhesive with exceptional thermal resistance and durability against extreme weather conditions for the aircraft’s propellers.


Sticky Smart System

Utilizing our Sticky Smart System, we identified and tested several candidates, ultimately selecting a two part liquid powder adhesive system the Aerodux 185 liquid PRF and the HRP 155 powder hardener.

These products were rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance and compliance with aerospace standards, culminating in their successful application in the historic restoration project.