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What is the best wood veneer adhesive for production lines?

Adhesive insights: How Ureka saved a furniture manufacturer 2 hours of production time per day by recommending a faster curing adhesive system.

A furniture manufacturer needed to make their veneer bonding production process more efficient. It was felt that staff were spending too much time waiting for curing to take place and cleaning down machinery after adhesive application. However, they reached out to Ureka to conduct a review of their veneer bonding process.


The Discovery stage is a crucial part of Ureka’s adhesive supply process. With this customer, we carried out several site visits to establish their current veneering process and how we could add value over and above their current process. The customer required an adhesive which delivered a strong bond water resistance and a long open time.

This discovery stage led us to provide our recommendation.


Considering the properties required for the veneer bond production we recommended a two-part UF resin adhesive system containing Prefere 4114 Resin and Prefere 5278 Hardener. This adhesive system not only offers an ‘all day’ pot life for ample working time but it also bonds very quickly at elevated press temperatures and is easy to clean down.

System Properties

  • Meets requirements of BS1203 (type MR)
  • Water resistant
  • Can be hot or cold cured.
  • Cures with radio frequency equipment

Trial Phase

A full trial was conducted using the Prefere 4114 urea formaldehyde resin adhesive with the Prefere 5278 liquid hardener. The results achieved during the trial stunned the manufacturer and surpassed their expectations.


Training was provided to the manufacturer’s team, equipping them with the necessary skills and confidence for precise adhesive application. We also shared knowledge on maintaining efficient and secure production processes.

Ongoing Support

As a part of Ureka’s customer service, we offer ongoing customer support. This includes both technical and customer service support. With this particular customer the technical team have supported the customers production team with advice on new applications and recommendations of how to improve efficiency on their current production line.

What did we achieve?

  • Quick and easy to mix adhesive system in comparison to incumbent product
  • Liquid hardener instead of powder hardener meaning less mess and improved operator comfort
  • Significantly longer pot life meaning fewer machinery clean down processes per day
  • Easy machinery clean down. Cleaning of machines reduced from 20 minutes per session to 8 minutes per session