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What are the benefits of having an adhesive audit?

What you can expect from a Ureka adhesive audit? An adhesive audit from Ureka could transform your production line saving you time and money.

To many production managers the adhesive world is a minefield and it is very difficult to work out which adhesive is best for their application. There is no one size fits all as every company has a different requirement.

The adhesives you are currently using may be outdated, environmentally or user unsafe, or even creating a bottleneck in your production line. But because you have always been using that adhesive, no one has thought to research what is available.

Another issue that our customers come up against is that most adhesive manufacturers specialise in only a handful of adhesive technologies and they will try to change your production line to suit the limitations of the range that they can offer you.

An adhesive audit by Ureka Global will challenge what you are currently doing and give you options which allow you to decide what will meet your production objectives. It is a customer centric approach allowing you to decide what is best for you.

It is a simple process where one of our technical consultants will meet with your production and operations teams and run through your complete process. The consultant will ask questions including what your objectives are, current process, what machinery investments you can make and much, much more. Once this information is collated, out consultant will prepare a report giving a full 360° view of where and how you can make improvements and what our recommendations would be.

If you would like to arrange an adhesive audit, or would like to discuss whether it is right for you, please contact us on 0117 971 1364 or email us on