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Adhesive Insights: What is Polyolefin?

A simple guide as to what Polyolefin is, and how it is used in the adhesive industry.

What is Polyolefin?

Polyolefin is a class of polymers derived from simple olefin monomers like ethylene or propylene, it might not be a household term, but its impact is undeniable. One noteworthy application of this versatile polymer lies in adhesives, with innovations from adhesive manufactures such as Jowat. The R&D teams of leading adhesive manufacturers have taken advantage if the technology in recent years.

Why choose a polyolefin hot melt adhesive?

Choosing the right hotmelt adhesive depends on the specific requirements of the application. EVA is a cost-effective and versatile option, PUR excels in high-strength applications, and polyolefin provides flexibility and chemical resistance. Evaluating the pros and cons in the context of your project’s needs will help determine the most suitable hotmelt for optimal performance.

Understanding Polyolefin’s Potential:

Polyolefin’s strength lies in its ability to deliver significant benefits, particularly in adhesive applications. The Jowat range, exemplified by the Toptherm® 237.10, harnesses the inherent properties of polyolefin for optimal bonding performance. There are several benefits to polyolefin when it comes to hotmelt edge banding adhesives in comparison to EVA or PUR hotmelts.

Flexibility Redefined:

Polyolefin adhesives, such as the Jowat Toptherm® 237.10, offer unparalleled flexibility. This characteristic makes them an ideal choice for applications where bonded materials may experience movement or stress. Whether in dynamic industrial settings or flexible packaging, the adaptability of polyolefin-based adhesives shines through.

Chemical Resistance for Diverse Environments:

Polyolefins, at their core, inherently resist various chemicals. This property provides a distinct advantage in diverse environments where exposure to different substances is a constant. The Jowat range ensures that the chemical resistance of polyolefin is harnessed to the fullest, contributing to the durability and reliability of the adhesive.

Thermal Stability in Action:

One of the standout features of polyolefin adhesives is their thermal stability. The Jowat Toptherm® 237.10, for instance, exhibits resilience across a range of temperatures. This stability ensures that bonding properties remain intact even under challenging thermal conditions. In industries where temperature variations are commonplace, the reliability of polyolefin adhesives becomes a critical asset.

Versatility Unleashed:

Polyolefin adhesives, boast remarkable versatility. Their adaptability to different surfaces and materials makes them a go-to choice across a wide range of industries and applications. From automotive assembly lines to intricate packaging processes.

The Technological Journey:

While the concept of polyolefins has been around for some time, the true power of harnessing this technology in adhesives has only been realized in recent decades.