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Manufacturing doors? How to choose the right adhesive

6 questions you need to ask to choose the best door manufacturing adhesive

When it comes to the manufacturing of doors, there are so many variations in the industry. From veneered, solid and laminate to paper, steel and composite, doors come in all shapes and sizes.

Ureka are able to offer a number of adhesives to help you achieve a successful, durable, long lasting bond to match the longevity of the door that you produce.

Whichever door you manufacture, we can give you the advice and guidance you need. 

Choosing the perfect adhesive: key considerations

There are a number of adhesive options for veneer, laminate, paper steel, lead, Acrovyn surfaces and many more.

And it’s not just the face of the door, is it? How about the lippings? EVA and PUR Hot Melt systems are what you need.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered. 

6 questions you need to ask to choose the best door manufacturing adhesive

  • Are you hot or cold pressing?
  • Is it an external door?
  • Will it be a powder coated finish?
  • Are you pressing in a bag press?
  • What are the benefits of a UF over PVA?
  • Does your door need to meet a fire rating specification?

Increasing productivity safely

Whatever door you need to make, we'd be happy to discuss the details and make a recommendation to suit your process to make sure you are ’increasing productivity safely’.

Some of the adhesives that we already supply to door manufacturers are:

Prefere 4050/5750 Resorcinol Adhesive System
Prefere 4535/5035 Melamine UF Adhesive System
Prefere 4152/5664 Urea Adhesive System
Prefere 4114/5278 Urea Adhesive System
Aro-Bond 535 PVA Adhesive
Aro-Bond 680 Contact Adhesive
Aro-Bond® 737 PUR Hot Melt Adhesive
Aro-Seal® 1101 MS Polymer Adhesive

Let’s get stuck in.

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