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Cascamite vs PVA. What is the difference between Cascamite and PVA wood adhesives?

A brief guide showing the differences between Cascamite and PVA wood adhesives, what they bond, and which is the best adhesive to use.

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Cascamite vs PVA.  What is the difference?  In this article we will explain what the differences are, and where they should be used.

Whether to use Cascamite or PVA is a common dilemma amongst trades who are creating products with wood.  So, which is best?  Unfortunately, it is not quite as simple as one is better than the other as it really depends on what you are wanting to achieve.

Many tradesmen who work with wood are familiar with the adhesive “Cascamite” (sometimes spelt “Cascomite”).  But firstly, what actually is it, and is it the same as One Shot?

What is cascamite wood glue?

“Cascamite” is a brand name used for a powder urea formaldehyde resin adhesive, and it became synonomous with any adhesive which met this specification, i.e. a one component powder urea formaldehyde resin.  In recent times, they have become more commonly known as a “One Shot” adhesive.  These adhesives are commonly used in wood working application for veneering, laminating and joint bonding. 


PVA adhesives, such as Woodstikk® D3 PVA, are water based adhesives based on Poly Vinyl Acetate (PVA).  As they are one component, meaning no mixing required, and water based, so relatively safe to use, PVA wood adhesives. 

What is the difference between CASCAMITE ONE SHOT WOOD GLUES AND pva wood adhesives?

There are a number of differences between the two types of adhesive, even though they are both desigined for bonding wood and timber.  Below we outline some of the key differences between them in terms of performance and how they are used, and for what reasons you should use each type.

By adding water to the stated mix ratio, an excellent adhesive is created which bonds wood exceptionally well.  In comparison to PVA adhesives, these One Shot adhesives are tough, and do not creep. 

One Shot adhesives are ideal for the smaller user as if they are kept dry and in a cool environment, the shelf life is excellent.  PVA’s have shorter shelf lives so will lose their ability to give a good bond the older they become.

One Shot adhesives are ideal for use with a vacuum bag press where curved panels are being constructed.  The glue line is tough enough to keep the curve shape in place.

But that is not to say the PVA’s aren’t as good.  In fact, the very opposite.  PVA’s are easy to use as the most common grades are single component so no mixing required.  They are water based so it is easy to clean down overspill.  And if you use a D3 or D4 graded version which relates to the water resistance, they give a water resistance which is at least equal, and more often better, than One Shot.  

Ureka Global have two One Shot or Cascamite type wood adhesives which are the Aerolite UP4145, and the Woodstikk one shot powder adhesiveAerolite UP4145 conforms to EN 12765 Class C3, is fast curing and has a long working life.

Ureka’s PVA’s include Woodstikk D3 PVA Wood Glue (a D3 grade woodworking adhesive) and Woodstikk D4 PVA Wood Adhesive (a higher water resistant D4 grade woodworking adhesive).

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Key Infomation

Cascamite vs PVA.  What is the difference?  In this article we will explain what the differences are, and where they should be used.

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