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How to bond impregnated paper on to door blanks

Large door manufacturer choose Ureka for impregnated paper

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Ureka had a call from a loyal adhesive customer asking us whether we could supply them an impregnated paper for their door line as their current supplier had let them down. Although we couldn’t help at the time, we continued developing the opportunity and sourced a product which we sent to the customer to trial.

The response from the customer speaks for itself:

“This impregnated paper is phenomenal. Although we are paying more for the grade Ureka have supplied, the increased thickness gives a better finish, less cracking and overall less machining. We have saved more in production costs than what we have to pay for a more expensive cost. Not only that, but so often we are let down by poor performing suppliers whereas Ureka has responded to our need and supplied us exactly what we wanted, on time, in full.”

Also known as veneer, balance, primer or Yorkite paper, Ureka have a wide range of impregnated papers which are bonded to core panels, to give an enhanced surface to bond to or paint on.

With a variety of thicknesses and colours available, we can find an impregnated paper solution specifically for your need. Not only that, we can supply in sheet format, as well as rolls, which reduces curling.

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