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Need to stick artificial grass to concrete but don't know how?

Want to know the secret behind bonding artificial grass to concrete? Its not a nice to know, its an essential!

With most garden designs featuring both surface materials in this modern age, it is a conundrum that many installers have come up against repeatedly. But not for much longer. See the video below showing our key tips on bonding artificial grass to concrete.

So, both products bond the grass to the concrete with sufficient force to rip the backing off of the grass. The 3 most important factors to consider when installing artificial grass to concrete are:

  • Ensure the concrete (if old) is clean of any moss or algae.
  • Make sure the concrete is touch dry, especially if it has been recently pressure-washed.
  • Weight must be applied for the duration of the cure.

All the best with your next artificial grass to concrete installation!

If you would like to try the Turfstikk MS100, Turfstikk PU400 or the Henko H400 for yourself, we would be happy to supply a sample cartridge, or a quotation to you.  Please contact us on 0117 971 1364 or email us on sales@thenamethatsticks.com.

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