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Welcome to our Projects page! Here, we spotlight the impact of our adhesives in the timber processing and artificial grass market. Discover how our products enhance durability, creativity, and efficiency across diverse applications, inspiring your next project’s success.

Adhesive Insights: How to mix and apply Cascamite

Discover the recommended techniques for mixing and applying Cascamite powdered resin wood glue effectively.

How to attach the Topkeeper Pro to the Stihl Kombi shaft

The must have tool for reviving artificial grass. Watch this simple guide on how to successfully attach your Topkeeper Pro to a Stihl Kombi Brushcutter shaft.

How to access our technical and safety data sheets

Wanting to know where you can find our technical and safety data sheets? Watch our simple guide to access all our downloads on our Ureka website.

Ureka have launched a reusable all-plastic, foldable, bag-in-box IBCs

The Smart Crate is a foldable, bag-in-box intermediate bulk container (IBC) that holds up to 1000 litres of liquid product. This innovation enables our clients to meet their waste reduction targets.

What is a D3 PVA wood glue?

A simple guide as to what a D3 PVA wood adhesive is, what it can bond, and how to use it.

What is a PU gel wood glue?

A simple guide as to what a PU Gel wood adhesive is, what it can bond, and how to use it.

Hints & tips on how to use Aro-Bond 930 D4 PU Gel Adhesive

Aro-Bond 930 is a one part, cartridge-loaded, solvent free, fast setting, moisture curing polyurethane, thixotropic gel.

How do you apply Contact Adhesives?

A simple guide as to what a contact adhesive is, what it can bond, and how to use it.

Hints & tips on bonding with the Woodstikk D4 PVA Woodworking Adhesive

Woodstikk D4 PVA is a single component PVA wood adhesive with excellent water resistant characteristics.


Woodstikk D3 PVA Adhesive can be used for a wide range of applications within the wood and wood substitutes industry.

How to use the Woodstikk PRF Structural Weatherproof Adhesive

Woodstikk PRF is used in Structural Timber Engineering for the manufacture of large laminated structures, external wood bonding applications requiring a high level of water resistance & for bonding difficult to bond wood species & modified timber.

How to operate the multiiiibead Floor Gun for wood floor installations

A simple guide in how to use the innovate multiiiibead floor gun to speed up your wood floor installations