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Welcome to our Projects page! Here, we spotlight the impact of our adhesives in the timber processing and artificial grass market. Discover how our products enhance durability, creativity, and efficiency across diverse applications, inspiring your next project’s success.

What is the Best Glue to Bond Accoya Wood?

Discover Ureka’s expert product recommendations for bonding Accoya wood.

What is the difference between PRF, MUF & UF adhesives?

Discover how PRF, MUF & UF adhesives differ in composition and properties.

What is the best type of hotmelt adhesive?

PUR, EVA, Polyolefin, hotmelt what is best for you? Find out how changing your adhesive could increase your efficiency and save you money.

Cascamite vs PVA. What is the difference between Cascamite and PVA wood adhesives?

A brief guide showing the differences between Cascamite and PVA wood adhesives, what they bond, and which is the best adhesive to use.

What is the best adhesive to bond artificial grass to concrete?

A simple guide as to which adhesive is best for bonding artificial grass to concrete, and some hints and tips to ensure you get an excellent bond.

How to overcome issues with GRP bonding using premium silicones.

Hints, tips and recommendations on how to bond GRP using premium silicones.

MS Polymer vs Polyurethane

Why choose MS polymer instead of PU adhesive? Find out 9 fantastic advantages of using MS polymer adhesive over PU