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The extensive knowledge we gain from our consultancy and product development is poured into our highly effective house of brands.


Durable bonds which are stronger than the wood itself

Adhesives and tools for bonding anything to do with wood.


Lasting bonds, whatever the weather.

Solutions for quick and easy artificial grass installation, effective in any weather.


From structure to style, bonding protection which looks good

Adhesives for bonding a variety of wall cladding to a wide range of wall substrates. Includes hybrid polymer, MS polymer, and polyurethane adhesives.


Back to the Cascamite you know and trust

Wood glue suitable for industrial use and smaller bonding operations, especially for joinery, cabinetwork, and assembly gluing.


High-performing, flexible bonds and seals

Adhesives for applications requiring high-performance, yet flexible bonds. Includes polyurethane, MS polymer, hybrid polymer, and silicone technologies.


High strength bonds for demanding applications

High-performance adhesives for demanding applications, bonding structural steel, metals, plastics, composites, fibreglass (GRP), and many other substrates.


Reliable adhesives for solving sticky problems simply.

Diverse range of adhesive technologies including water-based, solvent-based, hot melt, and polyurethane. A trusted all-rounder.


Smart Adhesive Application System

From bespoke formulations to off-the-shelf products, we help make your vision a reality. Thanks to the multiiiigun, a part of our Smart Adhesive Application System, you could be looking at finishing the job up to FIVE times faster.


Lasting bonds for timeless timber structures and laminations

Adhesives for the timber industry, used in structural timber, veneering, laminating, and joining applications.


Fast and efficient grass installations systems

Adhesives, tapes, and tools for revolutionary time and cost-saving artificial grass installation solutions.


The ultimate coloured rubber granules

Coloured rubber granules offering a selection of vivid colours, exceptional UV resistance, and enduring elasticity.

Jowat Adhesives

Panel and laminate bonding which fuse function and form

Innovative and powerful industrial adhesives, with over 100 years of experience in the industry.

Riepe Fluids

Ensuring consistent edgebanding quality

Solutions for edgebanding machines, offering antistatic properties, cooling, and residue control.