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Our Brands

The extensive knowledge we gain from our consultancy and product development is poured into our highly effective house of brands.


The wood stick!

Our Woodstikk range of adhesives and tools bond anything to do with wood.

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Turf enough for any job!

Quick and easy artificial grass installation solutions, come rain or shine

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From wall, to wall substrate

Cladstikk adhesives bond a variety of wall cladding to a wide range of wall substrates. The range includes hybrid polymer, MS polymer and polyurethane adhesive types.

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A trusted all-rounder

Aro-Bond adhesives incorporate a diverse range of technologies, including water-based, solvent-based, hot melt and polyurethane.

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High-performance for demanding applications

Adtech are high performance adhesives used in demanding applications bonding structural steel, metals, plastics, composites, fiberglass (GRP) and many other substrates.

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High-performing, flexible bonds

Aro-Seal is used where applications require high-performance, but flexible, bonds. These adhesives include polyurethane, MS polymer, hybrid polymer and silicone technologies.

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Timber! with improved efficiency

Prefere adhesives are specifically used in the timber related industries, including: structural timber, veneering, laminating and joining applications.

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For artificial grass installation

The Henko range of adhesives, tapes and tools offers revolutionary time and cost-saving artificial grass installation solutions.

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From bespoke formulations to off-the-shelf products, we help make your vision a reality. Thanks to the multiiiigun, a part of our Smart Adhesive Application System, you could be looking at finishing the job up to FIVE times faster.

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