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Jowat Adhesives

Innovative, powerful & industrial adhesives.

The Jowat range provides innovative and powerful industrial adhesives, tailor-made for customers in different industries. Jowat as a company has an abundance of experience they have been innovating and developing their current range of adhesives for over 100 years. Ureka is proud to be working in partnership with Jowat adhesives.

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'' We are delighted to have been awarded a distributor of Jowat adhesives in the UK. This further strengthens our place as a market leader in the timber adhesive industry. Adding the Jowat range to our brand portfolio further diversifies our offering to the timber processing market''.

Alex Nunn - Ureka Managing Director



The Jowat range is equipped with high performing adhesives that cover a range of industries.

Furniture industry

Whether it involves cupboards, tables, upholstery, or mattresses – Jowat has established itself as an adhesives supplier for furniture production thanks to its wide range of products and comprehensive knowledge of applications.

Woodworking industry

One of Jowats's core areas of expertise is providing bonding solutions for the woodworking industry. Jowat can look back on many years of experience whilst also dedicating ourselves to developing forward-looking solutions and research into innovative uses of wood to develop new opportunities.

Building elements

The construction industry relies on a range of materials including wood, plastic, aluminium and concrete. They each have unique properties and place high demands on adhesives.

Textile industry

From sportswear and protective clothing through to textiles used for car interiors or construction: The textile industry is as diverse as our range of products, which means a wide range of textile products can be used for bonding and laminating.

Automotive and transport

Manufacturing automobiles, caravans, ships and trains requires a large amount of adhesive. From making filters to laminating interiors, a wide range of parts are manufactured using our products. The trend towards lighter cars with optimum energy efficiency is also having a growing influence on production. At the same time, quality and safety features of vehicles must stay the same and be enhanced by the use of adhesives so that they can withstand the stresses caused by heat or mechanical loads. 

Filter industry

Filters are used for a variety of reasons in cars from keeping the air in the vehicle interior clean to protecting the engine from particles of rust, dust or pollen. Several layers of filter material and adsorbents are bonded together when manufacturing filters. This composite acts as a fine particle filter or to filter odours and volatile gases, for instance benzene or ozone.

Food and consumer goods industry

It’s hard to name another sector that is as fast-paced as the food and consumer goods industry. The more impulsively these fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are bought, the faster and more flexible their manufacturing and packaging processes need to be.

Graphics industry

Matt, glossy, structured, and special-effect films are used to laminate printed sheets for folding boxes, book covers and other printed products of superior quality. Our dispersion adhesives portfolio for the graphics industry provides superb adhesive properties for any requirement and can be tailored to any combinations of paper and foil. The dispersions are characterised by high gloss and transparency, as well as their UV resistance. In terms of bookbinding, our portfolio encompasses lay-fl at, hardcover and softcover manufacturing. 

Packaging industry

The packaging industry is one of the largest markets for industrial adhesives. State-of-the-art, innovative packaging solutions need to do more than just protect and store the product inside them: the look and feel also have to catch the eye of the end consumer to convince them to buy it. For this reason, manufacturers are relying on more elaborate packaging made from sophisticated materials. 

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