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Adtech 1002 Cyanoacrylate Activator - Superfast

Adtech® 1002 is a solvent-based activator formulated to increase the cure speed of Adtech® cyanoacrylate adhesives.

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Adtech® 1002 is designed for the bonding of UPVC plastics where potential “yellowing” may occur.

Adtech® 1002 is ideal for ‘on-demand’ curing of Adtech® cyanoacrylates, especially when used with slower, high viscosity grades. Adtech® 1001 can also be used to ‘fillet cure’ adhesive outside the joint.


  • 1ltr bottle

Featured Properties

  • Accelerates bonds
  • Low risk of staining on uPVC plastics
  • Cures cyanoacrylates in adverse conditions.
  • Enables superfast curing of cyanoacrylates


Always consult MSDS before using Adtech® 1002 for the first time.

Adtech® 1002 should be applied to the area to be bonded by spraying. Wait for the solvent carrier to evaporate (normally 10-30 seconds). Apply the appropriate Adtech® Cyanoacrylate to the parts to be bonded, align the components and then bring the substrates together. Ensure adequate pressure is given so that there is full contact between the substrates.

Adtech® 1002 has an on-part life of approximately 1hour. If parts are not assembled within 1hour, Adtech® 1002 should be re-applied.

Alternatively, assemble parts using Adtech® Cyanoacrylate then spray the exposed bond joint with Adtech® 1002 to cure the adhesive instantly.

The speed of cure with the activator will depend on the substrates being bonded and the adhesive grade. If used excessively, Adtech® 1002 may cause discoloration. 


For safe handling of this product, consult the Safety Data Sheet. Adtech® Activators are formulated foruse in conjunction with Adtech® adhesives.

Use with proper ventilation.  Avoid contact with skin and eyes. 

Store Adtech® 1002 in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Keep lids tightly closed to avoid evaporation of the solvent carrier.

When stored in the original container at 21°C, Adtech® 1002 has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture.



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Adtech 1002 Technical Data Sheet




Adtech 1002 Safety Data Sheet



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