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Cascamite Powdered Resin Wood Glue

Cascamite Powdered Resin Wood Glue, only requires mixing with water to make it ready for use.  Used for many woodworking applications including veneering, laminating and assembly.  Back to the Cascamite you know and trust.

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Cascamite Wood Glue is suitable both for industrial use as well as for smaller bonding operations. It is especially suitable for joinery, cabinetwork and assembly gluing, particularly when small amounts of glue mix are needed, or when demand is such that the use of a liquid adhesive is uneconomic


  • 250g pail 
  • 500g pail
  • 1.5kg pail
  • 3kg pail 
  • 6kg pail 
  • 25kg sack 

Featured Properties

  • Meets requirements of EN12765 Class C3
  • Good water resistance
  • Quick curing
  • Very strong bond
  • Can be mixed in small batches


Ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are smooth, clean and free from dust or other deposits. Wood, plywood, laminated plastics should be of uniform thickness. Cascamite should be mixed 2 parts by weight with 1 part by weight of water. It is not recommended that Cascamite is mixed by volume.

Watch a pratical how to video here.

For full instructions refer to the Technical Data Sheet.


Cascamite should be stored in the original containers in a cool, dry place, at a temperature range of between 5°C and 20°C.


5 StarsPeter2 Months Ago

Cascamite is second to none if you are a serious carpenter and are able to wait until it cures properly.

5 StarsNick Steele2 Months Ago

Excellent, easy to mix, very effective, and with a good long open time allowing stress free glue ups!

5 StarsBen Tyeman2 Months Ago

Excellent, just like the old cascamite I used to know, I will be using it again.

5 StarsGlen Wood3 Months Ago

Only the amount of glue required is made up so less chance of wasted glue.

5 StarsDavid Fletcher3 Months Ago

Cascamite does the job very nicely!

5 StarsRobert Fletcher3 Months Ago

Great to see Cascamite is back to how it once was.

5 StarsRichie3 Months Ago

The Cascamite we all know is back! Thanks to Ureka. As keen Cascamite users know it's not been the same over the years. The new Ureka Cascamite will take you back to the days when Cascamite was Cascamite!

Average Rating

5 Stars

Questions & AnswersQ&A's

Richard4 Months Ago

I use the Aerolite 4145 which i find excellent. Before I moved over to this I used Cascamite by the old manufactuerer and it didn't work at all. Is your new Cascamite the same product as 4145 or diffferent? If it's the same I would use Cascamite and consider selling it to my customers.

Kenton4 Months Ago

Thank you for your enquiry Richard.
Since we have acquired the brand in April 2023, we have reformulated the Cascamite adhesive back to how it used to be many years ago. This new Cascamite adhesive formulation is not the same product as the Aerolite UP4145, but rather our own new and improved version of Cascamite.
Although the new Cascamite and Aerolite UP4145 are different products, you won’t notice much difference between the overall bond performance.
I trust this makes it clear.

Andrew Dible8 Months Ago

Good afternoon All,

Just a question, is your Cascamite for internal use only, or can it be used for external as well?

Kenton8 Months Ago

Hello Andrew,

Cascamite is water resistant so can be used externally however we recommend protecting it with a varnish to maintain the high bond quality.



Cascamite Safety Data Sheet


Cascamite Powdered Resin Wood Glue Safety Data Sheet



Cascamite Technical Data Sheet


Cascamite Powdered Resin Wood Glue Technical Data Sheet


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