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Cascaphen Two Part Resin Glue - Structural

Cascaphen is a professional, two part glue has been specially developed for waterproof exterior use and can stand continuous immersion in water.  This glue is so waterproof that boat builders use it.

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Cascaphen is a professional, two part glue has been specially developed for waterproof exterior use and can stand continuous immersion in water. This glue is so waterproof - boat builders use it. Developed for the marine industry, this is the only completely waterproof adhesive that will withstand continual immersion in water. For use externally where extreme weathering will take place, including arches for bridge work, concrete formers, marine craft construction, bonding of preservative treated timber, bonding of difficult timber i.e. teak and Iroko.

Cascaphen is also fire resistant to class 0 rating and is used extensively for bonding difficult timbers such as teak and iroko where normal adhesives could fail


  • 670g kit

Featured Properties

  • Can be used for fire resistant applications requiring Class 0 certificaiton
  • 100% waterproof
  • Very strong bond
  • Suitable for structural applications
  • Suitable for cold press bonding


General Application for jointing   To obtain the very best results the moisture content should be in the 12-14% range.  Timber bought as kiln dried and stored under cover will present no problem. Perhaps as important as the glue is the preparation the joining surfaces, especially for Oak and oily timbers such as Teak, Iroko etc.  Timber direct from machining has a slightly glazed surface and the surface fibres are compressed by rollers etc, far from ideal and it is essential that the surfaces to be joined should be ridded of this unwanted smoothness. Use a scouring plane (blade with fine points), hacksaw blade, or very coarse sandpaper.  Plywood must be, treated in the same manner. Dust with a bristle brush, oily timbers should be degreased with methylated spirit. The faying area should be abraded as close to bonding as practically possible.  As important as preparation, is working in the correct temperature and that means, within reason, as warm as possible, 20°C is ideal.   At higher temperatures the glue becomes much less viscous, easier to apply and penetrates the timber instead of laying on the surface, a better glue line results. For the best results both surfaces of the joint should be glued. Use good quality brushes.  Surfaces once glued should not be exposed to the air for any length of time. Do not over cramp; it’s possible to starve a joint this way. A minimum of twenty minutes closed assembly time should be allowed before the application of pressure. Just bring the surfaces firmly into contact. This will enable the glue to penetrate the surface fibres of the timber and avoid excessive squeeze out.  The removal of surplus glue is best carried out when the glue has reached a jelly like stage, just before it goes off; it comes off readily and doesn’t stick to anything. If the glue sets hard it will prove very arduous to remove it and from awkward places almost impossible

For full instructions refer to the Technical Data Sheet.


Cascaphen should be stored in the original containers in a cool, dry place, at a temperature range of between 5°C and 20°C.


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Kevin Bland6 Months Ago

Good morning,

Would this adhesive be suitable for use with Accoya and Tri-coya products ?


Bonita6 Months Ago

Hello Kev

The Cascaphen product is a resorcinol adhesive so will be suitable for bonding Accoya & Tricoya.



Cascaphen Two Part Resin Glue Technical Data Sheet





Cascaphen Two Part Resin Glue Safety Data Sheet Part A





Cascaphen Two Part Resin Glue Safety Data Sheet Part B




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