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Evo-Stik TX613 Thixotropic Contact Adhesive

EVO-STIK TX613 is a thixotropic, non-drip contact adhesive, which is clean, and easy to apply, being non-drip it is ideal for use on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. The resultant bonds give excellent bond strength and good temperature resistance.

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Product Overview

EVO-STIK TX613 is a thixotropic, non-drip contact adhesive, which is clean, and easy to apply, being non-drip it is ideal for use on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. The resultant bonds give excellent bond strength and good temperature resistance.


  • EVO-STIK TX613 is a general purpose, contact adhesive particularly suitable for bonding decorative plastic sheets and other rigid plastics such as PVC and ABS to wood, metal and wood composite boards.
  • EVO-STIK TX613 may also be used to bond cane fibre boards and acoustic tiles to suspended or vertical surfaces such as dry cement/sand renderings. Most types of plastic nosings and covings may also be bonded.
  • EVO-STIK TX613 is intended for interior use, but it has been used successfully in exterior locations protected from the weather, such as for laminates bonded to shop fronts.
  • EVO-STIK TX613 is unsuitable for use with expanded polystyrene, with polyolefins such as polyethylene and with bituminous substrates; it is also unsuitable for use where only point contact is obtainable between the surfaces to be bonded.


  • Substrates to be bonded should be perfectly clean dry and free from dust and grease.
  • Smooth or polished surfaces should first be roughened with fine abrasive.
  • If degreasing is necessary, a detergent/water treatment should first be considered. If this is inappropriate a suitable solvent e.g. CLEANER 5 may be used. It is advisable to check the effects of degreasing solvents on plastics, rubber materials and painted surfaces before carrying out the operation. All traces of cleaning solvents must be allowed to evaporate completely before application of the adhesive.
  • Excessively porous surfaces soak up the adhesive and lead to the risk of poor bonding. In such cases, EVO-STIK 613/S primer may be applied by brush or paint roller to provide a sealing coat.


EVO-STIK TX613 can be applied by trowel or serrated spreader - Apply an even ribbed coat of adhesive to both surfaces using a serrated trowel or spreader. For correct coverage use the spreader at such an angle as to give good rib formation after drying. If a white “bloom” appears on the surface, raise the temperature and/or dry the atmosphere.


Drying time depends on film thickness, surface porosity, temperature and humidity.

Approx. touch-dry times:


Store in accordance with the requirements of the petroleum regulations in a dry flameproof area between 5 and 25C.

  • Porous substrate: 15 - 20 minutes
  • Non-porous substrate: 23 - 35 minutes


  • Bring the two dry, coated surfaces into contact within 45 minutes of application and press together over the entire bond area.
  • To obtain optimum initial bond strength, surfaces should be bonded as soon as possible after drying.
  • Apply as much pressure as possible by hand roller, static press or nip roller without causing damage. Sustained pressure is not necessary. • Bringing the surfaces together before the surfaces are touch dry will result in solvent being trapped, adversely affecting the final bond, and possibly giving rise to blistering problems.
  • EVO-STIK TX613 is a contact adhesive and the bond is formed a soon as the two surfaces touch. It is hence essential with large areas to avoid contact before the parts are in alignment. The adhesive does allow for slight adjustment in the positioning of small areas of the materials being bonded provided no pressure is applied that would induce appreciable contact between the surfaces.
  • The initial bond strength allows for immediate handling of the assembly, but maximum bond strength is reached after approx. 24 - 48 hours at normal temperatures.


In some applications it is convenient to pre-coat components some time before assembly is required. EVO-STIK TX613 may be adapted to this type of use by means of reactivation processes. The adhesive film must be kept free from contamination.

Reactivation by heat

  • The dried adhesive film may be reactivated by heating to a temperature of 85 - 95°C. A battery of 4 x 250W infrared lamps placed 200-250mm above the coated surface will provide adequate reactivation in 30 - 90 seconds. The actual time being dependent on the nature and/or colour of the substrate.

Reactivation by solvent

  • Pre-coated areas may also be reactivated by a brush coat of CLEANER 191, normally to only one of the surfaces. The bond should not be made until the activated film has reached a touch dry condition.


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Evode TX613 TDS


Evode TX613 Thixotropic Contact Adhesive Technical Data Sheet



Evode TX613 SDS


Evode TX613 Thixotropic Contact Adhesive Safety Data Sheet


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