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Gekko G47 General Purpose Surface Tackifier

Gekko G47 provides a permanently tacky film of adhesive which prevents carpets tiles from moving when in place but still allows the tiles to be lifted up if required. The benefits of low odour, accurate application & ultra-fast installation times makes this a favourite with installers.

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Gekko G47 provides a permanently tacky film of adhesive which prevents carpet tiles from moving when in place but still allows the tiles to be lifted up if required.

The unique portable, fully contained canister system allows you to stand up and apply the adhesive. This will reduce knee injury, reduce labour time and increase efficiency, resulting in increased profitability for the installer.

The versatility, portability and easy application control makes this a leading system in today’s market.

Sizes available

22ltr canister



The surfaces to be glued must be sound, clean, dry and free from dust, grease and other contaminants. Existing floors must be free from all polish/wax. Prime/stabilise friable concrete/anhydrite and floors with residual adhesive with a suitable primer before application.

Subject to recommendations made by the flooring manufacturer, subfloors should be subject to 28 days of maturing and should have a maximum of 3% moisture content or 70% equilibrium relative humidity before using this adhesive. The room in which the floor is being installed should be in excess of 15°C and register an ambient humidity between 40% and 70% while the adhesive is being used. For moisture contents between 3.1% and 7%, or over 70% relative humidity, a suitable primer and moisture barrier should be used. Do not use this adhesive above these recommendations. Very porous or friable surfaces should first be primed with Gekko G91 Primer and allowed to dry. Under floor heating must be turned off 48 hours before and 48 hours after the adhesive has been applied. It is extremely important to monitor ambient conditions throughout installation, as any change in these conditions could cause issues such as condensation, which could directly impact the success of the bond even though the substrate reading may appear correct.

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Hold spray gun tip approx. 20 - 30cm from the surface to be covered and apply even coats. Do not allow it to concentrate or puddle in one area. Once adhesive has tacked off, generally within 1 - 3 minutes, carpet tiles can be laid.

Disposal of canisters: please request disposal information.



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Gekko G47 General Purpose Surface Tackifier techncial data sheet



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