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Henko Topkeeper Pro

The Topkeeper Pro is designed for the maintenance of artificial grass and is very effective for removing moss.  

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The Topkeeper Pro is designed for the maintenance of artificial grass and is very effective for removing moss.  The easy-to-assemble head will fit to most well known brands of brush cutters or strimmers.  The tines of the Topkeeper Pro can be adjusted to the suit the height of the artificial grass being cleaned.



The Henko Topkeep Pro is designed for cleaning the Moss from artificial turf. The tool can also be used on real turf and will perform in the same way. A standard strimmer is required to operate the tool.

  • Start by fixing the Henko Topkeeper Pro to any standard strimmer.
  • Once connected and turned on, place the topkeeper head on the desired area to be cleaned.
  • No pressure is needed to clean the turf. The springs are angled in such a way that they will penetrate deep into the turf and clear the foilage, without damaging the grass.
  • Slowly work your way backwards with the tool, covering the desired area.
  • Check the video for an example of how to use this tool.


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Prav3 Months Ago

Hi there
The description mentions the henko topkeeper can fit on any strimmer would that include electric strimmers as well?

Donovan3 Months Ago

Thanks Prav,
If the electric strimmer has an interchangeable head and a standard width shaft, the Topkeeper will fit the strimmer.

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