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Prefere 5326X Liquid Hardener

Prefere 5326X is a hardener used with Aerolite 306 by the separate application method. This system provides a gap-filling, water resistant adhesive which is highly resistant to moulds, fungi etc


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Prefere 5326X is used with liquid hardener Aerolite 306  by the separate application method and provides a gap-filling, water resistant adhesive which is highly resistant to moulds, fungi etc.

Aerolite 306 requires mixing with water before use but the as-supplied powder has considerably longer storage life than the equivalent liquid resin.

Aerolite 306 with Prefere 5326X conforms to BS 1204:Part 1 (Type MR), also to Part 2 (Type MR) since this is included in the requirements of Part 1. It also conforms to BSEN 12765 (Class 3).


  • 375g kit (250g tin and 125g hardener 5326X)
  • 1kg bottle
  • 5kg jerrican
  • 25kg jerrican



To make application easier, resin and hardener may be transferred to small plastic or glass containers - not metal containers. Aerolite 306 and hardener 5326X are applied by the following method:  1. Spread the resin, by means of a conventional glue spreader, wooden rod or clean brush, on one of the surfaces to be joined.  Leave until tacky.  2. Apply the hardener to the other surface, using a clean brush, felt pad, sponge or similar iron-free applicator.  3. Bring the surfaces together while the hardener-coated surface is still moist and maintain firm contact by any convenient method until the glue has set.


Consult Safety Data Sheet prior to use.

Prefere 5326X should be stored firmly sealed in the original container in a cool (ideally 5 – 20°C) dry place. Shelf life under these conditions is at least 1 year.



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