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Rosehill Flexilon FX1180 Fast Wetpour PU Binder 2- 4 hour

Rosehill Flexilon FX1180 binder resin is a fast curing one-component moisture curing polyurethane system designed for binding rubber crumb granules in wet pour applications.

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Rosehill Flexilon FX1180 binder resin is a fast curing one-component moisture curing polyurethane system designed for binding rubber crumb granules in wet pou applications.

Rosehill Flexilon FX1180  can be used as a binder in the in-situ installation of safety surfaces using Rosehill TPV, EPDM and rubber reclaimed from tyres.


  • 1kg jerrican
  • 5kg jerrican
  • 25kg jerrican
  • 220kg drum
  • 1000kg IBC


  • Good wetting properties towards a range of granules
  • Fast curing
  • MDI based
  • TDI free
  • Good moisture tolerance
  • Low viscosity



Wet Pour installation is the subject of a further publication. See the Rosehill Polymers Technical Service Bulletin entitled “Wet Pour” for further information on the use of these products in this application.

FLEXILON 1180 based mixtures should not be applied to wet surfaces (i.e. surfaces where there are visible signs of moisture such as damp patches). FLEXILON 1180 can be used after rain when the surface has visibly dried. In very cold or dry conditions a pre-treatment of the rubber with FLEXILON 1117 is recommended. We do not recommend the installation of wet pour at temperatures of less than

Yellowing can occur when FLEXILON 1180 is exposed to strong levels of UV light but this does not change its mechanical properties. The yellowing is most evident
with blue rubber granules, which can appear green, grey which can appear yellow and beige, white and cream which can appear yellow. Depending on the weather
conditions, these colour changes can occur within the first hours or days after application. If the level of UV is strong enough then the yellowing process is usually faster during the binder curing process. Over a period of time though, the original colour of rubber granule can return as the thin layer of binder wears off. This depends on the level of foot traffic on the surface.



Store in a cool, dry place, indoors and avoid unnecessary opening of containers. Do not add any other materials to this product without written permission from the manufacturer. Once opened FLEXILON 1180 will start to cure and a skin will form. Partly used containers should be resealed immediately and re-used as quickly as possible.



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Rosehill FX1180 PU Binder Technical Data Sheet



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