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Woodstikk 19 Wood Flooring Adhesive

Woodstikk 19 is a solvent and water free adhesive specifically designed for fixing all types of wooden floors directly onto all common substrates, eliminating the need for battens.

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Woodstikk 19 is a solvent and water free adhesive specifically designed for fixing all types of wooden floors directly onto all common substrates, eliminating the need for battens.   Woodstikk 19 is used with the Woodstikk Floor Gun dispensing to provide a fast, effective and clean way of dispensing floor adhesive.

Woodstikk 19 is based on all the latest developments in hybrid polymer technology.


3ltr sachet (coverage 6 square metres per sachet)

Nozzle required

Ureka Multi-Bead Disposable Nozzle



The surfaces to be glued must be sound, clean, dry and free from dust, grease and other contaminants. Existing floors must be free from all polish/wax. Prime/stabilise friable concrete/anhydrite and floors with residual adhesive with G91 Primer before application.

Subject to recommendations made by the flooring manufacturer, subfloors should be subject to 28 days of maturing and should have a maximum of 3% moisture content or 70% equilibrium relative humidity before using this adhesive. The room in which the floor is being installed should be in excess of 15°C and register an ambient humidity between 40% and 70% while the adhesive is being used. For moisture contents between 3.1% and 7%, or over 70% relative humidity, a suitable primer and moisture barrier should be used. Do not use this adhesive above these recommendations. Very porous or friable surfaces should first be primed with G91 Primer and allowed to dry. Under floor heating must be turned off 48 hours before and 48 hours after the adhesive has been applied.

It is extremely important to monitor ambient conditions throughout installation, as any change in these conditions could cause issues such as condensation, which could directly impact the success of the bond even though the substrate reading may appear correct.

FLOORING: the parquet flooring MUST be acclimatized for several days in the room where it is to be installed. Leave in original packaging during this period.

All installations and sub floor preparations must be carried out in line with the relevant British or international standards. When using the Woodstikk Floor Gun, insert sachet into the Woodstikk Floor Gun barrel and cut tip of sachet. Fix nozzle head to barrel and follow instructions set out in Woodstikk Floor Gun Instruction Manual.

Position blocks/planks whilst adhesive is still tacky (within 30mins) and tap into final position with mallet and block, removing uncured adhesive with cleaning wipes. (Caution - test compatibility with lacquer finished block first).

One 3ltr sachet will bond approximately 6 square metres when applied as directed.

Handling and Storage

Clean machines, equipment and tools with white spirit before the adhesive dries.

Woodstikk® 10 should be stored in the original sachets cool, dry conditions between +5°C to + 25°C. Ensure good ventilation. In these conditions it has a storage life of 9 months. Storage outside these parameters will dramatically reduce shelf life. Opened sachets must be closed airtight and used up as soon as possible (within 1 month).



5 StarsWood Floor Installer UK8 Years Ago

You know what you are on about when it comes to adhesives

5 StarsJohn Hart Flooring8 Years Ago

This stuff grabs and sticks on its own, that’s why it’s called Woodstikk

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Woodstikk 19 Technical Data Sheet




Woodstikk 19 Safety Data Sheet



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