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Woodstikk Adhesive Dispensing Gun

The Woodstikk Adhesive Dispensing Gun is a battery operated tool used for fast, efficient and clean dispensing of 3ltr sachets such as Woodstikk 19.

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The Woodstikk adhesive dispensing gun's innovative dispenser head allows clean and precise application across the width of the area to be bonded.  Using the correct settings, no adhesive spills on to areas it shouldn't and no adhesive is left uncovered.

The dispenser heads are available in widths of 180mm (7”), 300mm (12”) and 400mm (16”). Dispenser nozzles are disposable. Sachets of adhesive are quick and easy to load without any contact with the glue; leaving workspaces and operators clean. As they are used, the sachets are compressed, so that empty sachets form small discs which are easily disposed of. This system ensures best yield and minimal waste.


1.  Install battery pack into tool.  Align the base of the power tool with the notch inside the battery and slide the battery pack firmly into the handle until you hear the lock snap into place.  To turn the power tool on, squeeze the trigger switch.  To turn the tool off, release the trigger switch.  Trigger lock safeguards against inadvertent release of material

2.  Trigger switch and speed dial.  Turn the speed dial to an appropriate speed for your application. Then, press the trigger switch to start the flow of material. Release the trigger switch to stop the flow.

3.  Plunger rod handle.  To adjust plunger rod press & hold the plunger rod release trigger. Push or pull plunger rod handle to desired position.  Release plunger rod release trigger.

4.  Removing the dispenser head.  Turn the dispenser head anti-clockwise to unscrew from the barrel. Do not pull or cross the thread as this will render the gun inoperable.

5.  Loading/re-loading an adhesive sachet.  While squeezing the plunger rod release trigger, pull back the plunger completely. Insert the adhesive sachet into the barrel and cut off the sealing clip. Turn  dispenser head clockwise to screw dispenser head back on to the barrel.  

6.  Applying the adhesive.  Apply consistent pressure to the trigger to dispense adhesive. Releasing the trigger instantly stops the adhesive flow. Pull the gun at a steady pace.

7.  Removing a used adhesive sachet.  Unlock and remove dispenser head, and allow plunger to push out the used sachet. Clean out any adhesive residue in the barrel. Dispose of sachet according to local waste regulations.


When not in use, place gun on its side on a stable surface where it will not fall or caus a trip or fall hazard. Do no leave unused for more than 15 minutes because adhesive will begin to skin over setting time dependent on adhesive being used. Refer to technical data sheet.  Transport your gun empty and with the rack fully closed.

Clean barrel and lubricate spreader thread with damp cloth after each use. Do not use chemicals or similar which may damage parts. Never immerse tool in liquid or allow liquid to get inside the tool.  Lubricate barrel with silicone spray after every 10 sachets of adhesive.

Never allow dirt and dust to enter the rack mechanism.  Never use an applicator with a broken or bent barrel or rack.  Always check dispenser hole is clear before loading a new adhesive sachet.  Avoid getting adhesive on battery pack.


5 StarsMartin Rae from Leanti Kitchens2 Years Ago

Have just taken the applicator out and set it up and done a small amount. Its an excellent bit of kit - absolutely brilliant. Does exactly what its meant to.

5 StarsSteve Green from Be-Plas2 Years Ago

The use of the multi-bead system helped to reduce installation time by 3 days from the budgeted program

5 StarsJames from Floorscape3 Years Ago

Really pleased with you adhesive systems. I have to say they are probably the best adhesives in the country

5 StarsCallum at Kentwood Flooring3 Years Ago

Everyone wants Stickdown floors at the moment.  You must love us.  I used to hate stickdown floors, but now I love them

5 StarsRalph Blair Floorsanding3 Years Ago

Extremely pleased with the Woodsstikk system.  We completed a 37sqm herringbone flooring job in 6 hours, which would normally take 2 days to do!!  Very impressed.

5 StarsNeill from N A B Flooring4 Years Ago

It's Luxury

5 StarsSurface Solutions, Stephen Payne4 Years Ago

The gun is working well. I sometimes work alone and it definitely speeds the job up. I don't seem to be covered in glue as much either.

5 StarsWood Floor Installer UK6 Years Ago

The Gun is a fantastic system saving us hours of time

5 StarsWood Floor Installer UK7 Years Ago

Saves a lot of hard work

5 StarsWood Floor Installer UK7 Years Ago

My Fitters have been coming back cleaner since using the Gun

5 StarsWood Floor Installer UK7 Years Ago

Time is money, and that's why your products are so important to us

5 StarsWood Floor Installer UK7 Years Ago

I reckon it is probably 3 times as quick as our current method

5 StarsWood Floor Installer UK7 Years Ago

Cleaner and easier, definitely the way forward

5 StarsWood Floor Installer UK7 Years Ago

We had a job which I allowed 8 days for. We used the Woodstikk system and we had it finished in 4 days!! I am not easily impressed, but this is a great product

5 StarsWood Floor Installer UK8 Years Ago

You know what you are on about when it comes to adhesives

5 StarsWestbury Carpets8 Years Ago

Someone’s done their research, seen what fitters required and generated this system

5 StarsJohn Hart Flooring8 Years Ago

This stuff grabs and sticks on its own, that’s why it’s called Woodstikk

Average Rating

5 Stars

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Woodstikk Gun Technical Data Sheet




Woodstikk Gun Operations Manual




Woodstikk Gun Brochure



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