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  • Furniture Manufacturer
  • UK

Furniture manufacturer saves 2 hours per day by improving veneer bonding process

A recent success case shows our our technical support enabled a furniture manufacturer to save 2 hours per day by improving veneer bonding process

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  • Door Manufacturer
  • UK

Structural bonding solution for specialist window and door manufacturer

Find out how we helped a specialist door manufacturer find the ideal structural bonding solution

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  • Septic Tank Manufacturer
  • UK

Successful bonding for septic tank and water filtration systems

Find out how we helped a septic manufacturer in their 'bulk' bonding application

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  • Solidor
  • Birmingham

A weather and intruder resistant bond achieved on a composite door

Read on how Ureka reached the desired bond without compromising on quality

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  • Venesta
  • Stoke-on-Trent

Resolving the headache of adhesive bleed through

Bleed through shouldn't be your headache

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  • Constructional Timber
  • Barnsley

Technical experience helps Constructional Timber to progress

Discover how our products is suporting the production of engineered timber solutions

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  • Herman Miller
  • Wiltshire, UK

Ureka solves the veneer delamination problems of a top quality office furniture manufacturer

Case study showing how Ureka helped Herman Miller to overcome their bonding issues and drastically reduce reject rates, and significantly increase throughput

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