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Technical experience helps Constructional Timber to progress

Discover how our products is supporting the production of engineered timber solutions

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Technical Experience

Constructional Timber (Manufacturers) Limited based in South Yorkshire, specialise in providing engineered timber solutions which includes Laminating Timber Structures, Glulam Stock Beams, Cross Laminated Timber and Feature Trusses.  


Ureka got in touch with Constructional Timber because they did laminating of timber structures and Ureka knew they could help Constructional Timber in their application.  Constructional Timber were already buying a resorcinol resin but they were keen to work with Ureka because of the technical expertise that Ureka were offering.

Ureka sent samples for Constructional Timber to test and analyse, and as a result were pleased with the result and Ureka now supply them with their resorcinol adhesive.


Ureka supply Constructional Timber with the Prefere 4050 resorcinol resin and Prefere 5750 hardener for producing laminated timber structures.

Prefere 4050 carries the EN301 Type 1 accreditation required for structural laminated timber structures.

Key Infomation

Production Audit

Technical Experience

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