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Hurlston Hall Golf & Country Club

Discover how we assisted with the successful installation of 10,320 sq m of artificial grass.

Hurlston Hall Golf & country club is on the North West coast. It is home to an 18-hole, parkland golf course and driving range.


Hurlston Hall’s team was seeking to modernise their driving range by installing artificial grass. It is one of the first courses in Europe to try this approach. As well as trying this, the club was keen to limit disruption, aiming to complete the works within a couple of weeks.
Solution requirements
The adhesive used on artificial grass needs to offer weather resistance and good flexibility for impact resistance.


Understanding the specific requirements for the artificial grass and the time constraints for the project, we recommended the use of Turfstikk MS200, to be applied using our Multiiibead gun. To suit the project’s timings, we were able to adapt the Multiiibead gun to allow for double the volume of adhesive to be dispensed, delivering a better bond in a shorter time.


10,320 sq m artificial grass coverage delivered in just three weeks.


Turfstikk MS200 adhesive
Turfstikk MS200 is a single component hybrid polymer adhesive, developed to bond synthetic grass to seaming tape. It is designed for use with the Multiiibead gun.


  • High grab – offering immediate resistance upon application
  • Fast curing
  • Excellent durability
  • Solvent- and water-free – suitable for outdoor use
  • All-weather application – able to be applied even in damp conditions

Ideal for

  • Bonding synthetic grass to seaming tape
  • Able to bond porous and non-porous substrates, including metals, timber and plastics
  • Multiiibead gun

The Multiiibead gun is a battery-operated, handheld tool for quick, efficient and precise dispensing of adhesives.


  • Exact, consistent coverage
  • Low waste – dispensing exact volumes of adhesive and preventing spillages
  • Easy to use – requiring only brief training ahead of use
  • Able to be preset to ensure correct coverage
  • Compatible with a range of adhesives
  • Processes adhesive sachets to limit waste
  • Range of dispenser heads available – using disposable nozzles to limit cross-contamination

Where traditional application methods use tubs of adhesives, the Multiiibead gun dispenses exact volumes and coverage, to prevent or limit wastage.

Tailoring solutions

While Turfstikk 200 applied in this way is unusual for artificial grass, it suited the project’s short timeframes, able to be applied and cured quickly and easily, and offering reliable bonding for an area not subject to regular or heavy footfall.

We would typically recommend a seam tape-based solution for artificial grass applications. All our recommendations are tailored to suit each client’s individual project requirements.