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How to Accelerate Pressing Times Without Compromising Bond Strength?

Case Study: Learn how Ureka saved a UK door manufacturer over 3 hours of production time per day.

Timber processing lines are always looking to increase production output without compromising on quality. There are several variables which you can adjust to increase production output, one of them, and perhaps the easiest variable, is the adhesive system. With two-part resin technology, there is significant scope to change elements such as cure speed.

Panel Bonding Case Study

The Challenge of Pressing Times

When bonding a veneer or laminate to board material, it is always a challenge to match the cure time with production demand to create an efficient productivity cycle. This manufacturer had a void of 1.2 minutes of wasted time per panel between laying up the next panel and being able to load it into the press due to long cure time. Although they knew of the inefficiency in the process, they were reluctant to change due to a bad experience of reduced bond quality when switching to a faster adhesive previously.

The Solution

Manufacturers can significantly reduce pressing times without compromising the integrity of the bond with the right adhesive. In response to the above challenge, we analysed their process to select the right combination of resin and hardener to suit the application. In this case, our findings led us to the Prefere 4114 resin paired with either the 5219 or 5278 hardeners. When pressed at 100 degrees Celsius, the 5278 hardener enables pressing times to be reduced to 65 seconds, while the 5219 hardener further accelerates the process, cutting it down to just 35 seconds. The 5278 hardener suited this particular process perfectly as it took 55 seconds to prepare and lay up the veneer.

Ensuring Quality and Safety

While there are other adhesives available on the market, it is crucial to choose products that are suited to the specific application to avoid compromising bond strength. This selection process often involves balancing speed with the quality of the end product, ensuring that the faster processes do not lead to inferior results.

Finding this balance is often worked out on a case-by-case basis. Every application is unique and has different elements to its process.

Product Recommendations

Prefere 4114

Prefere 5219

Prefere 5278

The switch to adhesive like the Prefere system presents an opportunity to reduce downtime and increase output. By carefully selecting adhesive formulations that optimize pressing times while ensuring bond quality, manufacturers can overcome production bottlenecks, enhance productivity, and maintain the highest standards of product quality and safety. This approach demonstrates that with the right innovations, speed and quality can indeed go hand in hand. In the above instance, a small adhesive change within the larger process saved over 3 hours of key production time per day.