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Adhesive insights: Structural glulam beams

Discover our how our high performance Woodstikk MUF adhesive performs in demanding enviroments.

Application: Glulam timber structures

Our customer is a specialist constructor, delivering non-standard timber structures. Its team has worked with Ureka since 2020, using a range of adhesive products.

The client trusts in our technical knowledge and practical tips around adhesives application and use. Its team understands how adhesives need to not only work with the substrates involved in a project but also fulfil individual project requirements, whether around utilizing complex individual components or fulfilling high environmental standards.

Our customer designs, fabricates, assembles, and installs timber structures in architecture, ranging from structural components like external screening, roofs, and staircases, to landscape features for indoor and outdoor use. Its experience and expertise meant it was approached to contribute to the development of the ABBA Voyage Arena in London. This 3,000-seat, four-storey development was designed to be demountable and reusable at its end-of-life. Our customer’s team was able to demonstrate that a wooden structure, using cross-laminated timber, would be more cost-effective and halve the embodied carbon associated with using a typical steel structure.

Project Showcase

In projects such as this, a two-part structural adhesive, like Woodstikk MUF adhesive, can be used to produce the glulam beams by gluing (or bonding) together laminates of timber.

Recommended Product: Woodstikk MUF Structural Weatherproof Adhesive

Woodstikk is a melamine urea formaldehyde (MUF) adhesive. It is used for structural bonding and gives a fully weatherproof structural bond with a clear glue line, offering both strength and aesthetic benefits.

It is a two-part solution, where a 5:1 ratio of the liquid-liquid mix combines to create the MUF adhesive.


  • High durability
  • High resistance
  • Weather-proof
  • Long shelf-life (when stored correctly)
  • Compliant with EN301 and EN302 Type I standards (for adhesives for load-bearing structures)
  • Tested and approved by MPA and NTI

Ideal for:

  • Structural laminations
  • Load-bearing wooden structures – for use both internally and externally
  • Cross-laminated timber (CLT)
  • Finger jointing


If you have a simlar application or you are looking for a simlar product our technical team is on hand to offer expert advice backed by almost 90 years of combined adhesive experince.