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Rosehill Install of a Parkour Park in Belgium

Discover a Parkour park project recently completed in Belgium.

In Belgium, a Parkour Park recently underwent a transformation with the installation of the Rosehill TPV® wet pour system. This Rosehill TPV® system was chosen to enhance safety and performance for parkour enthusiasts, addressing the inherent risks of slips and falls associated with the dynamic nature of the sport.



Parkour, characterised by its fluid and acrobatic movements, presents inherent risks of accidents such as slips and falls. Particularly for newcomers mastering various techniques, safety concerns are paramount. The need for a resilient surface capable of mitigating impacts and cushioning falls was imperative to ensure a safe and enjoyable parkour experience.



The Rosehill TPV® wet pour system is the ideal solution to address the safety concerns of the Parkour Park. Designed specifically for sports and play surfaces, this system offers unparalleled protection against accidents by providing a cushioned surface that minimises the risk of injuries. Its UV and thermal stability ensures performance in all weather conditions.


Why was the Rosehill TPV chosen?

Stands the test of time.

Whether it’s for an international running track or a playground, a multi-use games area, or an outdoor gym station, Rosehill TPV® will create surfaces which withstand weather and wear and tear for years to come.

Soft and flexible.

Weather conditions and UV degradation cause EPDM rubber granules to lose their elasticity, making them unable to expand and contract with temperature changes. Surfaces harden and become harsh to the touch, like gravel. Granules become loose. The performance, aesthetics, and safety of surfaces suffer, increasing maintenance costs and more importantly, the risk of injury.

Better adhesion less cost

The quality of a rubber surface also depends on the adhesion between the rubber granules and the PU binder. Due to its unique chemistry and high quality coasting, Rosehill TPV® has a higher tensile strength than an EPDM, delivering long-lasting adhesion in a wide range of environments.


Brighter for longer.

The value of any project comes over many years, so the durability and lifespan of a synthetic rubber surface are key. However, exposure to UV light causes coloured rubber surfaces to fade and discolour.

The unrivalled UV resistance of Rosehill TPV® sets it apart from other granules, ensuring surfaces retain their colour for longer, outlasting the best EPDM alternatives, even in the harshest environments.

By integrating the Rosehill TPV® wet pour system, the Parkour Park in Belgium has not only enhanced safety but also elevated the overall parkour experience for enthusiasts. This case study underscores the effectiveness of Rosehill TPV® in providing a safe, durable, and visually appealing surfacing solution for dynamic recreational environments.


Credits to Flexidal who carried out the installation and provided the photos.


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