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Resolving the headache of adhesive bleed through

Bleed through shouldn’t be your headache

Venesta Washroom toilet cubicles and washroom systems combine cutting-edge innovation with superb performance and aesthetics, with solutions to satisfy the most demanding brief. Venesta have been at the forefront of washroom design for many years.


As a leading manufacturer of washroom systems, Venesta were experiencing adhesive bleed through issues when bonding veneers with PVA. Alansons were called in and following a trial of the Prefere 4152 Urea Resin and Prefere 5664 Powder Hardener, they were very pleased with the results. Bleed through was pretty much eliminated on some open grain veneers that were tested. “This is a million times better” – words by Andy Howell of Venesta Washrooms.


Ureka supplied Venesta Washrooms with the Prefere 4152 Urea Resin which is suitable for veneering. Prefere 4152 gives a high viscosity and low-cost glue mix without the separate addition of fillers or extenders. These mixes are suitable for use in a variety of assembly applications, and in conjunction with low-voltage or radio-frequency heating, for lipping and edge-banding.